The October issue of the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery features an exciting new paper from Nuchido CEO and Chief Scientist Dr Nichola Conlon.

"It is now accepted in the scientific community that aging is a malleable process: just as it can be accelerated, it can be slowed and even reversed. This has far-reaching implications for our attitude and approach toward aging, presenting the opportunity to enter a new era of cellular regenerative medicine to not only manage the external signs of aging but also to develop therapies that support the body to repair and restore itself back to a state of internal well-being."

Click below to read the full article in which Dr Conlon details;

  • Why NAD+ is a target for cellular aging
  • The preclinical and clinical benefits of NAD+ restoration
  • The role of NAD+ in skin aging 
  • The causes of NAD+ decline 
  • The methods to restore NAD+ 
  • The future of NAD+ in clinical practice

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